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De Nederlandsche Bank
solo exhibition
Portrait of a Banker?
25/04/2019 - 06/06/2019
opening 25/04/2019 16-17:30 h.

In Portrait of a Banker? Aukje Koks shows her most recent works, including glass sculptures, drawings and paintings. Fascinated by daily normality, Aukje Koks questions the things around her. Influenced by the thoughts and impressions of the moment, things can always seem different than they are. In an attempt to detach herself from the material object, Koks previously tried, among other things, to detach the object from the surface, to create transparency, to address fragility and fragmentation, to portray ghostly appearances and to illustrate the illusion of movement. Currently she suspects the work is moving towards the portrait - possibly of a power-bearing or materialistic figure - and lets the intuition guide her. Koks questions the personal or collective ownership of her ideas, just as one may or may not appropriate things and events in a dream. In the exhibition at De Nederlandsche Bank, the object is about to change into a subject.

Stigter van Doesburg gallery
group exhibition
Wall Based Wall
Peggy Franck, Lucas Lenglet, Pim Blokker, Aukje Koks
19/04/2019 - 17/05/2019
opening 19/04/2019 17-19 h.


Feeelings at Poppositions
Le Centre Tour a Plomb - Centrum Hageltoren
Slachthuisstraat 20–26 Rue de l’Abattoir,
1000 Brussels
24/04/2019 - 28/04/2019


Residency at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Woning van Wassenhove
february 2019


Brussels Midi Spoor 7
Curated by Piero Bisello


Sound Art RijksakademieOPEN 2018
Radio broadcast of Mo ma me mi mu you me, me you.
Performance/reading with Filarowska, recorded in 2017 at Feeelings, Brussels.

Residency at Het Glazen Huis
 Invitation to create a work together with an invited glass blower.
This was just a great experience.
06/08/2018 - 12/08/2018

Inscape at Sunrise
Curated by Perri MacKenzie and Aukje Koks
Group exhibition around painting with Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Vanessa Disler, Remi Lambert, Fiona Mackay, Gijs Milius, and Nancy Moreno.
31/06/2018 - 15/07/2018
Kantine space, Brussels

Solo Zomerresidentie
01/06/2018 - 01/07/2018
Residency in a former chapel
The opening will be held together with the vernissage of the Biennale of Painting.
Louise Osieka wrote a text about the work.


Odette: Private Appearances

Group exhibition with Aleksandra Chaushova, Aukje Koks, Lucie Lanzini, Aline Morvan
18/04/2018 - 12/05/2018
Jozsa gallery, Brussels

Pinceau et Canape
Group exhibition with Isabelle Cornaro, Tom Humphreys, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Aukje Koks,  Rachel Koolen
Curated by Constance Barrere Dangleterre
Une, Une, Une, Perpignan

La vie mode d'emploi
Collection Joseph Kouli

group exhibitio n with Saadane Afif, Francis Alys, Guillaume Bijll, Irene Billard, Vanessa Billy, Katinka Bock, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Tacita Dean, Edith Dekyndt, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff and others.
18/05/2017 - 19/07/2017
Centre d'Art Contemporain Chanot, Clamart

Mo ma me mi mu you me, me you.
05/05/2017 - 21/05/2017
exhibition, edition, performance/reading with Filarowska
Feeelings, Brussels

solo exhibition
15/04/2017 - 05/2017
Galerie Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam
review **** in NRC (in Dutch)

Greylight Projects

group exhibition with Bas Schevers, Aukje Koks, Ramon Graefenstein, Morgane Fourey, Claude Cattelain, Elias Heuninck, Egon van Herreweghe, Noemie Bablet and Voebe de Gruyter.
Greylight projects, Brussels
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
Benefit auction, Rozenstraat - A Rose is A Rose is A Rose ( former SMBA), Amsterdam
Art Rotterdam
09/02/2017 - 12/02/2017
with galerie Stigter van Doesburg
10 ans de collection de Joseph Kouli

Parcours prive de la FIAC
20/10/2016 - 23/10/2016
FIAC invitation only
Works by: Saadane Afif, Davide Bertocchi, Guillaume Bijl, Katinka Bock, Claude Closky, Claudia Comte, Bastien Cosson, Tacita Dean, Edith Dekyndt, Michel Francois, Aurelien Froment, Jeremie Gindre, Frances Goodman, Douglas Gordon & Francois Halard, Alexander Gutke, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, Ane Mette Hol, Lisa Holzer, Aukje Koks, Angelika Krinzinger, Oleg Kulik, Alicja Kwade, Benoit Maire, Aiden Morse, Julien Nedelec, Navid Nuur, Sophie Nys, Bruno Peinado, Bertrand Planes, Dan Rees, Matthew Smith, Kathrin Sonntag, Martin Soto Climent, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Anna Virnich et Erwin Wurm.
Ways of Being

My publication Ways of Being will be available in the library/bookshop during the Rijksakademie open studio days in Amsterdam. 
More info about the publication HERE
Lokaal 01 Antwerp

Contribution for the last event
The publication will be presented 25/11/2016

10th Wolvecamp prize
Stichting Heartpool
Group exhibition of all the nominees and winners of the past years. This year's nonimees are Erik van Lieshout, Rob Birza and Lily van der Stokker.
Opening 24/09/2016
Pure Positive Energy

GeM/Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
solo exhibition
30/01/2016 - 01/05/2016
Villa Empain, Fondation Boghossian, Brussels & Z33, Hasselt, BE

benefit group exhiibition
with Philippe van Wolputte, Sarah & Charles, Gwendolyn Lootens, Kasper Bosmans and others.
Villa Empain: 05/03/2016 - 20/03/2016
Z33: 27/03/2016 - 29/05/2016
Fontys art collection Tilburg, NL
group exhibition
23/02/2016 - 18/03/2016
It's not your paintings I like, it's your painting
Stigter van Doesburg gallery, NL
Tjebbe Beekman, Peggy Franck, Aukje Koks, Helen Verhoeven, Roman Wolgin
27/11/2015 - 23/01/2016
opening friday 27/11, 5-7 pm. Amsterdam Art Weekend
Forme e Anti-Forme
group exhibition in the framework of the World Expo in Milan, IT, curated by H. de Wolf.
Alighiero Boetti, George Brecht, Marcel Broodthaers, Stanley Brouwn, David Claerbout, Vu Dan Tan, Thierry De Cordier, Wim Delvoie, Lucio Fontana, Michel Francois, Valerian Goalec, Aukje Koks, Joseph Kosuth, Marcel Marien, Jan Mast, Hana Miletic, Bruce Nauman, Sonia Niwemahoro, Panamarenko, Kato Six, Walter Swennen, Angel Vergara, Didier Vermeiren, Lawrence Weiner, Franz West.
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
23/09/2015 - 18/10/2015
Group show with Pernot Hudson, Ivanco Talevski, Aleksandra Chaushova, Rachel Koolen, curated by Agata Jastrzabek.
opening 07/07/2015 - 19:00 h.
07/07/2015 - 11/07/2015
H18 (Hangar 18), Brussels, BE
The Edition Show
Riot, Gent, BE. opening 03/07/2015 - 18:00 h.
03/07/2015 - 05/09/2015
group exhibition with Erik van der Weijde, Philippe van Wolputte, Lara Dhondt, Paul Kooiker, Hana Miletic, Marc Nagtzaam and more.
Won't you not see?
Maison Gregoire, Brussels, (BE) 20/03/2015 - 30/06/2015, OPENING 20/03/2015
An exhibition with Daniel Jacoby, Alberto Scodro, Claudia Radulescu and the invitation card will be designed by Agnes Geoffray.
Art Brussels with Stigter van Doesburg gallery, 25/04/2015 - 27/04/2015
Ways of Being
A new publication is out.Order HERE.(if you want to)
Contributors: Bart Groenendaal, Bianca Stigter, Chris Sharp and Constance Barrere Dangleterre
Editors: Aukje Koks in collaboration with Freek Lomme (texts) and Boy Vereecken (images)
Publisher: Onomatopee
Graphic designer: Boy Vereecken
Languages: English, Dutch
Made possible through the generous support of the Wolvecamp Prize, The HeArtpool Foundation, Hengelo, Mondriaan Fonds and the Municipality of Eindhoven.
Ways of Being
An article about the publcation  in Metropolis M.
The publication is presented  at Art Brussels and Art Rotterdam, a Flemish - Dutch presentation of art(ist) books, curated by Maaike Lauwaert and Luc Derycke 25/04/2015 - 27/04/2015.
Didn't Know But Knew It All Along
I'm bringing together works of artists that I appreciate at
Onomatopee project space, Eindhoven, (NL) 01/03/2015 - 22/03/2015, OPENING 28/02/2015, 16:00 h.
This exhibition/presentation will be about normality of the everyday and changing its script ... Read more about it HERE.
Group exhibition with Feiko Beckers, Carlotta Bailly Borg, Alejandro Cesarco, Lynne Cohen, Theo Cowley. - and official presentation of the new publication Ways of Being
Zoek Licht
Fontys art collection Tilburg, NL
group exhibition
12/02/2015 - 05/03/2015
Grey Skies and Sunny Dispositions
Le Moinsun, Paris, (FR) 11/12/2014
Group exhibition curated by The Ister
With Ericka Beckman, Barry Doupe, Olivia Dunbar, Kasia Fudakowski, Samara Golden, Aukje Koks, Mark Leckey, Erkka Nissinen.
See some images of the exhibition HERE
Sammlung Lenikus
 residency, Vienna (AU), 10/11/2014 - 19/12/2014
During the Exhibition, the Studio Will Be Close.
WIELS / Motto Books.
This catalogue is selected for Prix Fernand Baudin.
Published on the occasion of the eponymous group exhibition organised by WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (14 June – 17 August 2014) in collaboration with Motto Books. Eight former artists-in-residence at WIELS were invited to design their own book space that consists of each 16 pages, in relation to their contributions to the dialogue of the show. Order HERE.
Contributors: Lorenzo Benedetti, Melissa Gordon, Lina Viste Gronli, Rob Johannesma, Aukje Koks, G. Kung, Catherine Lommee, Emmanuelle Quertain, Grace Schwindt
Editors: Lorenzo Benedetti & Caroline Dumalin
Publishers: WIELS / Motto Books
Graphic Designer: Joris Kritis
Languages: English, French, Dutch

Thanks to Mondriaan Fund, Stichting Heartpool, Materiaalfonds, galerie Stigter van Doesburg.
Photo credits: Kristien Daem, Gert Jan van Rooij, Willem Vermaasse, Tomas Uyttendaele.